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[YAMA] is the first collection of ROOM 900,

a group consisting of three designers Gun Jung, Heewon Lee, and Hyunjae Nam.

Below is my part of this collaboration. 

The modern world operates in a way that makes you feel perpetually depleted. It also kindly suggests what you can pursue in order to fill this insufficiency.

It conditions you to blindly chase after these things, without knowing what exactly you are pursuing. When you trip and fall one fine day, questioning why you wanted this in the first place, there would be silence, as you were chasing an empty ideal. This cycle seems futile, but you can break it. When you stop shoving things into that unbearable emptiness within yourself, when you face the ever-frightening question of what you are truly missing, when you fill in those gaps with what you want or need, you begin to develop your own voice, your own vocabulary. This collection is a portrayal of such a transition. It is a story of our struggles within journeys of metamorphoses, from dressing out of fear to dressing with autonomy, leveling our essences and appearances, reality and idea. 

Elliot in Look 1

Lori in Look 2 - Moldable top made with aluminum foil layered between skin fuse and shirting / lightweight denim skirt with fake ties acting as draw string and stopper system

 Pads in look 3 styled with Gun's head piece - Nylon ripstop coat with multiple buttons and button holes / Lightweight denim culottes with multiple buttons and button holes